Plastic V Fabric Pots?

Posted by Gina Mills on

Its a good question, but if you want the best results organically then fabric all day long. And here's why... 1) Using coir and perlite/soil mix fabric allows greater air flow producing more air flow to the roots, more air flow more CO2.  2) Only use fabric pots once! If you get an infestation of pests they can stay in the fabric. (Unless you really wash well).  3) Only negative is the cost of buying Pots every season! At we don't like plastic lets get things a lot more environmentally much as we can any way. 

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Posted by Tayte Cozens on

  At home grown we believe LED lighting is the only way to go. In the long run the costs is substantially cheaper. There is less electrical costs, no need to continuously replace bulbs and to change bulbs to suit the growing stage of your plants. If you have the extra cash then definitely go LED.  A lot of Hydroponic growers who have LED say the results speak for themselves.  Finally LED is better for the environment! Don't agree, email us your thoughts    

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