Canna Terra Professional

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

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    We highly recommend this product. 
  • 50 litre bags soil
  • CANNA Terra Professional is an enriched growing medium that conforms to the strictest RHP standards.
  • It distinguishes itself from other substrates through its use of first class raw materials, its fine structure and its purity.
  • CANNA Terra Professional is an organic product that has a homogeneous structure, is 100% natural and is free from damaging viruses and potting mix diseases.
  • It has a complex water/air system, which creates the ideal conditions for almost every method of cultivation, and after use it makes an excellent potting mix improver.
  • Ideal media/media to supply slow release nutrients throughout the growth cycle
  • Results show exceptional, yield, quality and flavour of all vegetables and fruit grown in this soil.
  • Packages sent wrapped in black wrap or boxed. 

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