250w CFL Full Spectrum

250w CFL Full Spectrum

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

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  • CFL 250w Bulb only
  • Red/Blue Spectrum all in one. Full Spectrum
  • 6500 CCTK
  • 240v (cool for NZ) 
  • Ideal for propagation and great for expecting plants in a vegetative state.
  • Excellent supplementary LED
  • Coverage is a 60x60cm max with reflector 
  • 13200 Lumen output
  • Long life bulb
  • 1 kg weight
  • These are a fantastic Lamp. Can be used as a coverage lamp as well as a canopy penetration lamp dropping in between plants as these tend to be cooler running.
  • NOTE: DO NOT HOLD THE BULB (GLASS AREA) when screwing in! This will crack the bulb. Due care is required as the bulb will always crack in the same area. No Returns will be provided for for damage caused by not screwing in the bulb correctly. 

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