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From the waters of Rotorua Aotearoa comes our new formula. Designed to work in-conjunction as a 3 part formula Gorilla Grow Veg I, Mass Bloom II and Overload III for fruiting or flowering plants.

In this Twin Pack is 5L Gorilla Grow I and 5L Mass Bloom II. 

Our bottles can be refilled at our store in Palmerston North at 75% of the price individual new bottle to make this nutrient more affordable and to have less impact on the environment. 

Our new formula is 100% Kiwi. Designed by Kiwi hydroponic companies in the commercial field of Hydro for over 30 years in Aotearoa. We asked our Hydroponic Craftsman to create a product that yields big, is safe and has zero toxic PGRs in its formula and it had to be 100% kiwi! 

We wanted to create an affordable, sustainable product that competes with the international brands in the NZ and Aussie markets. To do that we called on New Zealand's best nutrient makers and asked our customers to trial this nutrient in Coco Coir, Hydro and Potting mix with all three showing awesome results that competes with the best on performance at a fraction of the cost. 

We have increased the concentration of the formula, meaning it feeds twice as much as the old Green Fairy brand. The feeding rate has gone from 1000L of food to 2000L of food per 5L bottle, saving you twice the amount of money. We have also added

Mass Bloom II is rich in Phosphorous and Potassium for fueling flowering and then fruiting in maturing plants. 

We highly recommend using Gorilla Grow I to veg and Overload III to finish. 

Application Rates: 5ML to every 1L of water and we a PH level of between 5.5 and 6.0. EC level of 1.2 to 2.0. 

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