Nanolux LEDex 440w LED

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LEDex 440w (4bar)

  • Full Spectrum
  • Custom made Nanolux diodes the leaders in grow lighting.
  • 2.7-2.74 umol/j
  • Customer feed back has been impressive “best lights we have seen to date”. The Grow Master. 
  • Distribution angle: 120 degrees
  • Option available to have the light spectrum changed to order. Full white, Full Spectrum Red, Red/Blue and UV.
  • This LED is expandable  if purchasing longer tracks
  • Its is a full cycle LED for commercial operations 
  • Each bar pulls 110 watts from the wall for a total of only 440w
  • Coverage is 1.5x1.5
  • The bars are installed on modular tracks the tracks come in 2, 4, 8 and 16 feet long.
  • Random and soft start technology 
  • Temperature, voltage and open/short circuit protection
  • NCCS Ready, meaning you can control this light from your SMART device. 
  • Up to 277v compatible
  • This technology is revolutionizing the horticultural lighting industry.
  • 10kg weight. 
  • Track is 60cm long and can hold a maximum of 4 bars for a longer track 1.2 an extra $200 

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