Nanolux DTU Cloud Control System

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

  • $439.00

  • Note: Be wary of older cheaper models with the 1 antenna. there are not the FULL NCCS system. 
  • The Nanolux Cloud Control System (NCCS) was designed and engineered to provide a complete control room solution.
  • APP is free to download.
  • Watch Video Here 
  • It is mainly used for lighting dimming and timing remotely 24/7 from your smart phone or tablet. Great for Tablet commercial grow operations. 
  • This system can do CO2 levels, Environmental (temperature and ventilation, Humidity), PH and Nutrients Dosing, Automated irrigation as add on.
  •  At the heart of the system the NCCS is the software program which allows you to specify all of the parameters of your lighting, and environmental control settings in your grow area, any time of the day or night.
  • The DTU communicates with the RTU's wirelessly. 
  •  It communicates with an RTU which is attached to the USB hub in the ballast
  • The following units we sell that are NCCS ready,( 315w CMH Nanolux, 1000w De Chill, and the 630w CMH Nanolux).
  • The NCCS system presently allows for smart phone or tablet via the NCCS App.
  • The NCCS system allows for you to control your grow area on the run anywhere in the world that you have internet coverage.
  • This price includes the RTU and the DTU
  • The Bluetooth will communicate with APP for free however if you want to use the APP Wifi (Anywhere in the world, Anytime) including some premium upgrades to continue the wifi service after the 3 month free trial you will need to take a contract of service which is about $8USD a month for 3 years payable via Paypal or CC. Perfect for a mid sized indoor grow operation.

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