Nanolux UV Bar (LEDex)

Nanolux UV Bar (LEDex)

Home Grown Kiwi LTD

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  • Warning: UV LED bars are for commercial grow lighting application. You should NEVER work underneath UV light as this can be bad for peoples skin. When you purchase these lights you will be contacted by one of team members to explain how to use these safely.
  • Can be used in conjunction with any other lighting (comes with hangers and own power cord, but no track) 
  • A must have bar to any Nanolux bar unit due to its pest control and promotion of thick leaves and short internodes producing more fruit or flower. 
  • 600mw/j
  • These bars will run at a consistent 27.3 degrees Celsius at 65% Humidity
  • 50 watts total
  • dimmable 5 w to 50w
  • 3 year Manufacturer warranty
  • Do not use any more than 1 UV bar per 4 full spectrum bars or no smaller than 1.5m2 area as too much UV can hinder plant development. 

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